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Speed - This is the primary broadband comparison point for any connection. How fast you can download and upload data will affect how quickly you can transfer files and stream videos, as well as how well your Internet works when many people are using it at once. It's also what you have the least control over because it will depend on your connection type and location. "Typical evening speed" is the term NBN providers are using to estimate the speeds users are likely to get, rather than theoretical maximums you'll never reach.

Data - While your maximum monthly data in gigabytes is still important, especially for mobile broadband, the amount of data is higher and more likely to be unlimited for your home Internet plan. However, some providers have an "acceptable usage policy" if you're running rampant. If you're a lighter user, you can save by calculating how much data you're likely to use. Generally, though, speed matters more. All the data in the world is useless if your connection crawls.

Cost - When it comes to cost, you should always check the minimum total amount you'll have to pay for a given plan. A longer-term contract may have a lower monthly cost but you'll be stuck paying it out in its entirety even if you decide it's not suitable.

Contract details - Broadband plans are offered on contracts, usually 24 month, but increasingly month-to-month casual plans are becoming popular. While this can make plans cheaper with lower installation costs, it will make it harder to move house or change provider if you're unhappy. Some shorter contracts will also require you to buy your modem or connection device outright.

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